Hiring a DC Drug Possession Lawyer

A drug possession charge in DC is taken incredibly seriously. There are many important things that an individual should know about a drug possession charge. These include knowledge that the amount of drugs found can be critical, a person cannot use marijuana in public, and that an individual should expect to be prosecuted by law enforcement for a drug possession charge.

In these instances, an individual should expect to be prosecuted, and should hire a DC drug possession lawyer immediately. A seasoned attorney will be able to gather all necessary evidence, and put together a solid defense that can assist in lessening or dismissing any penalties you may be facing.

Severity of the Charge

Possession of drugs is a priority for law enforcement. As with any other large urban area, DC focuses on drug cases. Drug trafficking and drug cases are pursued vigorously by law enforcement and prosecutors.

For simple possession of drugs for personal use, DC is not as harsh as many jurisdictions in the country, including Virginia. That changes, however, when authorities believe that someone possesses drugs with the intent to distribute them. There is a dichotomy between marijuana and other drugs. Nonetheless, the real line of demarcation is possession for personal use versus possession with the intent to distribute.

Significance of Up-to-Date Knowledge

With synthetic drugs like Molly or other emerging drugs, it is important that an individual hire a drug possession attorney in DC who has an absolute understanding of what is involved in the case. Specifically, the attorney will want to know what exactly is alleged to be the evidence against their client.

If the person is charged with possession of an illegal drug, the attorney must have a working, up-to-date knowledge of said drug. This is especially true with synthetic drugs and other drugs that the law struggles to keep up with because the substances on the street are constantly evolving. A person must be sure to hire a DC drug possession lawyer who has experience defending these types of cases.

If there is a possible defense that this substance is not against the law and it is not being regulated, the attorney will need to know that. There could be extremely subtle differences between drugs, and an experienced defense attorney must keep up to date. If that is not the case, the client is at a disadvantage and may miss an opportunity for a complete defense in their case.

Importance of an Experienced Lawyer

Anytime someone is arrested for a drug charge, there are crucial decisions and steps that must be made at the very beginning. A person should almost never speak to the police. An individual should always consult with a knowledgeable lawyer before deciding how to proceed legally.

Early on in the case, it is critical to identify what evidence is going to be useful for the defense, and what is the best avenue to fight the government’s case. Very early in the case is when any existing video that can exonerate a person or cast doubt on the government’s case is available.

It is crucial for a person to hire a DC drug possession lawyer to follow up on any and all leads before those leads expire or evaporate, to make sure that the individual did not make a wrong decision about what steps to take going forward with their defense, what statements they may think are beneficial, or are harmful to the case. It is important for an individual to hire an experienced legal advisor in DC early on the case to make sure their constitutional rights are protected, that everything that can help them is being done, and that an attorney is looking out for their best interests.

DC Drug Possession Lawyer