Washington DC Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Many people may remember the “DARE” program of the 1980’s which worked to raise awareness of the issues and dangers of drugs. While the government has taken some steps to attempt to encourage people to avoid drug use, the government also take a more punitive approach to drugs, as seen in the country’s “War on Drugs.”

Even with the changing climate related to marijuana use, there are still strong laws used by the judicial system to punish any infractions related to drugs or other controlled substances.

If the police have accused you of possessing drug paraphernalia, consider speaking with a Washington DC drug paraphernalia lawyer who understands how the judicial system deals with these types of charges and what you may be able to do to avoid or mitigate any negative consequences.

An accomplished drug attorney may be able to help you figure out the best avenues of defense and explain what the law is and how the government may proceed against you.

Drug Paraphernalia Law in the District of Columbia

The Code of the District of Columbia § 48-1101 defines what drug paraphernalia is. Drug paraphernalia may include the following:

  • Kits or other objects designed or intended for use in growing any controlled substance plants
  • Kits of other objects designed or intended for use in creating any controlled substances
  • Devices that could be used to increase the potency of controlled substance plants
  • Equipment that could be used to identify the purity, effectiveness, or strength of a controlled substance
  • Scales designed or intended to be used to measure controlled substances
  • Chemicals designed or intended to be used to cut controlled substances
  • Objects designed or intended to be used to prepare controlled substance plants for use
  • Mixing devices designed or intended to be used to compound controlled substances
  • Small containers intended or designed to hold controlled substances
  • Containers intended or designed to conceal controlled substances
  • Needles or other items that could be used to inject controlled substances into a human body
  • Items such as water pipes, roach clips, bongs, rolling papers, freebase kits, etc

If an item is 50 years old or older, the government may not consider it to be drug paraphernalia. A Washington DC attorney could answer any question a person may have regarding drug paraphernalia and could help build a defense strategy on their behalf.

Penalties for Possession of Substance Equipment

The DC Code § 48-1103 makes possession with intent to use or actual use illegal. If someone violates the law, the court may sentence the person to up to 30 days in jail and order a fine of up to $250. If a person delivers or sells drug paraphernalia or has intent to do so, that is also a criminal act. The court could punish someone who violates this law with up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $12,500.

Commercial retailers may not sell drug paraphernalia and the government might revoke a retailer’s license. Retailers may not sell the following items:

  • “Cocaine freebase kits”
  • Glass or ceramic tubes smaller than six inches long and one inch wide
  • “Cigarette rolling papers” (unless the store makes at least 25% of its revenue from tobacco products and sells loose tobacco)
  • Cigar wrappers

An accused person could speak to a drug equipment attorney in Washington DC to learn how they may be able to avoid any penalties for possession.

How a Washington DC Drug Paraphernalia Attorney Could Help

If the police suspect you of some criminal activity involving drug paraphernalia, do not delay in searching out help to ensure the protection of your freedom and rights. The police may not be your friend and might not have your best interest at heart. A representative could ensure you have the best possible outcome if the police press charges against you.

A Washington DC drug paraphernalia lawyer may have the skills and knowledge needed to help build a strong defense and protect your rights. Time may play a factor so consider calling today to help your attorney prepare for any attacks from the government. You do not have to face the criminal justice system alone. Call our office today to learn more.