DC Drug Charge Defense Strategies

When first meeting with an attorney to discuss defense strategies against a DC drug charge, the person must be able to share to the best of their knowledge exactly what evidence the government collected and may introduce in the case against them. They should be able to share the names and contact information for any witnesses that could be useful or possibly harmful so that the attorney can follow-up with that information.

They should be truthful and frank in discussing their previous criminal history. Further, they need to be able to answer fully and honestly all of the questions that the attorney has when looking at the different aspects of their case and their life when trying to build the best defense and get the best possible outcome for them. To explore many different defense strategies that may be present in your DC drug case, it is critical to hire a Washington DC drug attorney as soon as possible.

Advising a Client

When someone is charged with a drug-related offense, they should not talk about the facts of the case with anyone else besides their attorney. They must consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as they can. The person should not engage in any illegal activity, as they are now in the crosshairs of the government. If that person was charged with a drug-related offense, the court will often impose drug testing on them.

They will want them to be free of drugs as soon as possible. An attorney can tell the person what the next steps in a prosecution look like, where the proceedings for a criminal case take place in DC, and what type of information may be beneficial for them to gather to understand the available DC drug defense strategy.

Avoiding Incrimination

When someone is arrested in DC, there are a handful of things that they should not do in order to optimize their chances of successfully navigating their DC drug charge. These individuals should not:

  • Say anything to the police
  • Talk about the facts of the case or make admissions to anyone else besides their attorney because anything they say to anyone can be used against them as an admission
  • Get involved in any further illegal conduct; that applies in general and specifically while their DC drug case is pending

How to Contact a Lawyer

Individuals charged with a criminal offense often do not have any previous contact with a criminal defense attorney. They may not have any recommendations from family or friends that they might get for a civil law matter. When they do not have any recommendations from family or friends or any prior experience with a criminal defense attorney, they oftentimes look online.

Currently, when someone is looking for any kind of legal services, they go online to research and find the best person for their situation. There are several different resources online. Many of these qualified attorneys can assist an individual in uncovering any potential defense strategies that may help their DC drug charge.