DC Drug Conspiracy Case Process

In a drug conspiracy investigation, there are usually one or more federal agencies involved in an extensive pre-arrest investigation as opposed to local law enforcement. In many drug cases prosecuted in DC Superior Court, the police have some interaction with the individuals who were discovered with drugs. Based on the evidence the authorities find, the individual may be arrested and charged with intent to distribute drugs.

When the government becomes aware that more than one individual is involved in a drug trafficking enterprise, multiple police agencies may become involved. For example, the DEA, the FBI, and also local police participate in the investigation which could be in more than one jurisdiction. The agencies conduct surveillance and seek to obtain and put into effect wiretaps and other warrants for the search of some property. All of these things happen together before an arrest is made because, in a drug conspiracy, the government wants to capture and charge all of the people or as many of the people they can who are involved in this conspiracy. These cases move quickly and can be complex with many individuals involved, a drug conspiracy attorney will be helpful in streamlining the DC drug conspiracy case process.

Investigation Procedure

When the authorities become aware that an individual is involved in a conspiracy, even if they have enough evidence to arrest and charge that one individual, they may not yet have the evidence to bring the other individuals involved to justice. They may wait and build their case against everyone who is involved in the conspiracy.

That is why they seek to obtain wiretaps. They listen in on phone conversations occurring amongst different people who are involved. They can do search warrants to try to find evidence against all of the different players involved. In a drug conspiracy case, the investigation is much more intense and lengthy than in a simple situation where a single individual is discovered to be possessing drugs with the intent to sell.

Following an Accusation

A person charged with drug conspiracy should make sure the attorney has experience in handling drug conspiracy cases and has the resources to fully defend such a case, as well as fully understand the case process in DC. Someone wants to make sure that attorney has adequate investigation abilities and is able to present a robust defense. The person should expect that the prosecutors are going to put maximum effort into that case. The prosecutors take the case seriously, so a person charged wants to make sure they have a defense team in place that can adequately stand up to the government agencies and resources.

Working with an Attorney

Looking for a lawyer to defend drug conspiracy charges is different from looking for a lawyer to defend general criminal charges because of the complexities and seriousness of a drug conspiracy case. Someone facing such a charge must have an attorney with specific experience with drug conspiracy cases. There are multiple individuals being prosecuted by the federal prosecutors in federal court. Often, numerous search warrants are being executed and many wiretaps have been put in place. Multiple aspects of the investigation make the case complex. By virtue of the charges, the punishment can be severe. It is critical to find an attorney who has specific experience in a drug conspiracy case in federal court.

When initially contacting an attorney for representation in a drug conspiracy case, the individual should be prepared to discuss the charges, the potential evidence, other individuals involved, and what they know about the case being brought against them. The attorney needs to know about the person’s criminal background, their alleged level of participation, and any potential evidence that can be used against them.

The conspiracy attorney can assess the strength of the government’s case to the extent possible. At the beginning of a case, a person often does not know what evidence the government has against them. The attorney wants to get as much information as possible from the beginning so that if they are retained that they can put forth the maximum effort immediately. It is likely that the government’s investigation has been ongoing for a long time and the person is going to be prosecuted harshly, so an attorney will want to get to the case process quickly.

DC Drug Conspiracy Lawyer