What To Do After a DC Assault Arrest

Being arrested for assault is not something an individual should take lightly. There are many steps that someone should take when building a defense while avoiding self-incrimination. However, this may be difficult without legal aid by your side.

The first thing that a person should do when arrested for assault in DC is reach out to a diligent assault attorney or have a friend or family member who is in a better position to find an attorney. It can take about three to four hours to be processed, and at that point, the detainee can make a phone call. Usually, a detainee has a chance to make one call, so if they do not have a specific attorney available, or are uncertain about how to reach their attorney, it is advisable to call a family member or friend who can reach out to a legal representative.

If law enforcement charged you with a violent attack, you should reach out to an attorney who can explain what to do after a DC assault arrest.

Avoiding Incrimination

The alleged offender should refrain from talking to the police if they are arrested in DC for assault. There is rarely any benefit to be gained by talking to law enforcement right away without legal representation. There may be some value in talking to police at some point, but that this is something that an experienced attorney can determine.

Once a person talks to the police, they cannot take it back. Generally, the police are going to be gathering evidence to convict the alleged assailant and punish them. When the police interview an arrested individual, they want to get more information to support that person’s arrest, their detention, or their conviction. Any information an alleged assailant provides to police officers could be used out of context to harm their interests.

Gathering Evidence

The next thing that somebody should do when charged with assault in DC is to start thinking about what beneficial and relevant evidence they may have. Any relevant communication including texts, emails, or calls between the alleged victim and the defendant should be saved. They should also think about any potential witnesses that may be able to attest to the incident.

Once a defendant hires an attorney, they could discuss the assault case and determine what pieces of information may be time-sensitive. For example, if there are security cameras or other sources of surveillance cameras that may have captured the alleged incident, then often those get erased periodically, so defendant and their lawyer want to be able to move quickly to preserve those videos. The earlier the defense team can start gathering evidence, the better chances they have of building a defense against the alleged assailant’s charges.

Contact an Attorney to Learn What to Do After an Assault Arrest in DC

The sooner a person has their attorney, the sooner they can get legal advice and start working on the case. If there are any immediate grounds to oppose the person’s arrest or impose detention, the attorney may be able to argue for their release. An attorney may also be necessary when the alleged assailant stands in front of a judge.

Assault charges can carry severe penalties, so it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible if you are facing these charges. A knowledgeable lawyer could guide you through the legal process and explain what to do after a DC assault arrest. To ensure that you are taking the rights steps, contact our office for a consultation on your case.