Building a Defense For DC Simple Assault Charges

If charged with simple assault in DC, it is important you contact with an experienced attorney to ensure your rights are being protected every step of the way and that you are putting forth the strongest defense possible. An experienced attorney can guide you through the entire case including any ramifications regarding your job and livelihood and help put forth the strongest defense possible for your particular case. Read below the find out more about defenses in simple assault cases before calling and scheduling a consultation to discuss what can be done for your specific case.

Potential Defenses in Simple Assault Cases

It is very rare to have a case where one individual assaults another individual completely out of the blue. In most circumstances, there is some form of interaction between two or more people that ultimately lead to some kind of confrontation where the police then become involved and someone is arrested.

Due to how these cases tend to take place, it is expected that there are different stories and different explanations about what happened. Therefore the defense can often attack the government’s theory of the case or the government’s evidence alleging the defendant is guilty of a crime.

The most obvious example of some defenses is self-defense or the defense of others, where someone steps in to protect another person. Beyond these two, an attorney can also make the case that police got the wrong person as sometimes happens in crowded situations such as clubs or restaurants during weekends.

Depending on the specific case and what transpired there may be other defenses available as well that an attorney can help you explore.

How An Attorney Can Help

Our firm employs full-time investigators and other staff members to get to the bottom of what actually transpired and find evidence that backs up the defense. This includes finding our own witnesses, any audio or video evidence, and any other types of evidence that can be used to combat the government’s claims about what happened.

For example, many bouncers are good friends with police officers who are in contact with them on a daily basis. A bouncer may be involved in a situation where a defendant is charged with assault. When this happens the defense may be able to establish that there is a relationship between the bouncer and the police officer involved in the investigation of this particular case.

The same thing is true for any other witnesses who are involved. A defense attorney can look at the relationship of the defendant to the alleged victim, the location at which the alleged incident took place, and do a comprehensive analysis to attack any evidence the government brings forward to discredit the government’s theory of the case.

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