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Hiring An Attorney For a Criminal Case in DC

Although facing criminal charges without an attorney may seem cost effective at first, in the long run, it can end up costing you your future. With this in mind, the following is what you should know about when contacting an attorney and how speaking to an attorney does not imply guilt. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation with a DC criminal defense attorney today.

What to Tell Police Following an Arrest

If you are arrested, you should tell the police officers politely, but forcefully that you do not want to make any statements or answer any questions without having first talked to an attorney. By doing so, as long as you maintain this position, and the police continue to question you, your attorney later can challenge any answers that may be given because you affirmatively and definitively stated that you did not want to answer any questions. As long as you maintain that position, you should not give a statement to the police.

The police very often will not give you the opportunity to actually speak to an attorney until you get to court or until after you are released if this is a situation where the police give a citation to release the person at the police station. It is recommended in this situation that if you have been arrested to contact an attorney at the first possible opportunity.

When to Contact an Attorney

You should request to speak to an attorney as early as possible if you are being questioned or interacting with the police and it appears that the police want to speak to you based on an allegation. Regarding access to an attorney, if the police immediately arrest you and you want to speak to an attorney, they do not have to provide you an attorney at that point. It is a misunderstanding perpetuated by movies and television shows that everyone gets a phone call during the arrest process. That is not really how it works. If the police officer wants to give you an opportunity to talk to an attorney they can do so, but in many instances that is not what happens.

Does Asking To Speak To An Attorney Imply Guilt?

An individual in the United States has an absolute right to consult with an attorney. Asking to speak with an attorney is in no way an admission or an indication that the suspect or defendant is guilty of anything.

Seek Advice from an Attorney

During the criminal process in DC, prior to being arrested, if you know or suspect that you are the subject of an investigation, you should seek the advice of an attorney. Once you are arrested, you should request to speak to an attorney. If the police officer is kind enough to allow you to make a phone call, you should take advantage of that opportunity. In the majority of situations, the police will not allow you to make a phone call while you are in custody so you should contact an attorney at the first opportunity after being released from custody.